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Because Poop Happens…Auto-Unstuffing Diapers!

Because Poop Happens…Auto-Unstuffing Diapers!

Did you know that AppleCheeks diapers UNSTUFF THEMSELVES IN THE WASH. You heard right.

Because really, what’s more gross than reaching into a soiled diaper to pull out the insert prior to washing? We can’t think of much. That’s why we designed our diaper so that you don’t have to do that.

If you have a very big diaper stash and are washing all at once, some of your AppleCheeks may not unstuff during the wash cycle. Don’t worry, though. The inserts are still clean. Simply unstuff your clean but damp diapers before drying. Our pocket opening is unusually wide for a pocket diaper and this means that water from your machine will still effectively clean the diapers that don’t unstuff.

Remember that all solids need to be disposed of in the toilet before washing. If you do use your diapers as pockets and want to make things even easier for yourself, check out our awesome disposable liners. (SHOP LINK) They are a quick, easy and effective way to keep poop off your diapers. Of course our liners work equally well if you use your system as a cover+insert.

Happy diapering!