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Awesome Features of AppleCheeks Cloth Diapers!

Awesome Features of AppleCheeks Cloth Diapers!

Let’s look at the features that go into making every AppleCheeks diaper a high-end performer. Because really, when it comes to cloth diapers, you can’t get much better than AppleCheeks!

Versatility: The One-Size cover can be used as an All-In-One, or as a cover + insert
A One-Size cover and a One-Size insert. Thanks to the adjustable two rows of snaps, our One-Sized covers fit baby from birth to toilet training, whatever her shape or size.Economical: The AppleCheeks system is designed to be attractive for every budget with our covers that can be used for multiple diaper changes (for pee changes only) and our kit options offer the very best economy, helping you save *even more* money while diapering your little one.

Style: We present to you gorgeous colours and prints that suit even the most fashion conscious parents.

When we created our system, we really thought it all through. With AppleCheeks, you get one easy-to-use, well-supported system. AppleCheeks offers some great packages (link to kits in Shopify) that take the guesswork out of diaper shopping, and you know that when you invest in us, we invest in you (for proof, check out our Facebook Fan Page or try getting in touch with your questions). This is the case whether you own one cover or a whole assembly! We don’t care. All we care is that you’re satisfied with our products!

If you place our system up against a system that is 1) manufactured outside of North America, 2) uses a synthetic insert system, 3) uses hook and loop closures instead of snaps or has only one row of snaps, 4) kind of, sort of fits, but not really, and 5) can only be used as a pocket diaper and not as a cover/insert system or vice versa, then you just won’t be as happy as you will be if you choose AppleCheeks.

As the market’s most versatile diaper (see our video which demonstrates how you can use your AppleCheeks as a pocket OR as a more economical cover/insert), AppleCheeks saves you money!

Have YOU done the math? It’s hard not to think about how much money you can save by choosing to use cloth. When you buy a full stash of AppleCheeks, a full-time one-size AppleCheeks kit (NEED NEW HYPERLINK) costs $695, which will give you 36 changes and be good for up to 35+lbs:

Babies go through about 12 diapers in a 24 hour period, sometimes more.
While some companies will suggest that you need about 24 changes in your stash, having too few diapers means washing too frequently, which is rough on your diapers AND rough on your time. We recommend 36 diaper changes, which allows you to wash every three days with a newborn without running out. Newborns poop a LOT but older babies don’t need to be changed quite as frequently.

Throwaway diapers cost about $0.15 each around these parts for the cheap ones. So the first 3 months of usage would cost about $162 and the next 2 years and three months about $1000 for a total of $1162. If you use premium diapers or the so-called “environmentally-friendly” diapers, you can easily double that figure, so let’s say $2200, because a lot of people prefer higher end brands for whatever reason. And those throwaways can only be used once. And if your AppleCheeks are on their second child now, double your savings. So based on the equations above, you can can save a couple of hundred to a thousand dollars on child one, and any subsequent children will not cost anything.

Remember, AppleCheeks is a One-Sized cover because ease of use is NOT something we’re willing to compromise on. And our inserts are one-sized and we’ve got some great additional options to make sure our system REALLY works for your baby!

The fact is, after over thirteen(!) years on the market and feedback from thousands of satisfied parents, we KNOW that AppleCheeks meet the high standards parents have come to expect from their cloth diapers. Performance-wise we’re awesome, and in terms of customer support we get top marks. We’re moms too, so we treat you like we’d expect to be treated. And you shouldn’t expect less!

Check out our retailer listings (NEW HYPERLINK) to find a source of AppleCheeks products near to you or shop directly from us here (HYPERLINK).