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Diapers At Daycare – Angela Weighs In

Diapers At Daycare – Angela Weighs In

I was first introduced to AppleCheeks through my pediatrician when I asked her about cloth diapering. Yes, that is right, this product is DOCTOR RECOMMENDED! She suggested AppleCheeks because of my son’s chunky thighs. My son is now 23 months and 36 pounds and they still fit him perfectly.

I am currently off on maternity leave with my daughter but decided that it would be a good idea for my son to attend daycare 2 days a week to get him used to it before he has to go full-time next fall. When signing my son up, I asked the director if my son could use cloth diapers. The answer was yes.

My son has two daycare educators, one in the morning and one in the afternoon. I did not know this when I showed up to drop my son off for the first time. I explained to his morning daycare provider how to use his AppleCheeks, but she was left to explain the system to the afternoon daycare educator. It was like information overload.  In hindsight, I should have typed up a note on how to use his diapers with a picture demonstrating what snaps he was on, but I did not want to look like “that Mother” on the first day! I would encourage anyone sending their child to daycare in cloth diapers to do this though. A visual is a great aid and perfect for supply teachers. 

When I first sent him to daycare using cloth I was not sure how many diapers to send. Your daycare should have a routine. In my son’s age group, daycare changes diapers after the morning snack, after lunch and after the afternoon nap. Find out the routine and go from there. Based on my son’s routine, there are three changes. I send four pre-stuffed diapers, we use our diapers as pockets, and keep one at daycare as an extra. My son is a heavy wetter and I discovered that a 2-ply bamboo insert did not provide enough absorbency for my little guy at daycare. So I adjusted and invested in some of AppleCheeks 3-ply bamboo inserts. Works like a charm and we now use 3-ply on my son at all times. It is all about finding the combo that works best for you!

Another tip for parents is to find out what type of diaper cream your child is allowed to use at daycare. We were two months into daycare when my son had his first case of diaper rash. My daycare is provincially mandated and is only allowed to use diaper creams with a zinc-oxide base, which is not cloth diaper safe. When I came to pick up my son I was told they were not allowed to use his cream and I had to provide a doctor’s note to be able to use it. This would have been great to know prior to the diaper rash!

Like in any school setting, keep an open line of communication with your child’s teacher. Work with them to find solutions that work not only for you but them as well. I have to say my daycare is great and have embraced the fact that my son uses cloth diapers. Number 2’s are emptied into the toilet before being placed in the wet bag. I am going to also ask them to put a star in his agenda, which I check daily at daycare, if he has had a poo. That way I can remember to rinse any extra solids when I get home. It will help this sometimes forgetful Mommy out!