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11AppleCheeks™ CARES. 

We care about the earth, we care about the wellness of babies, and we care about all the facets of the products we create, including what happens to your diapers after you are done using them.

This is why we created The ReLove Project, an ecological and social initiative to divert useable AppleCheeks™ Cloth Diapers from the landfills and into use in parts of the world where quality re-usable diapers really make a difference for mothers and babies.

What is The ReLove Project?

We want your used, in good condition, AppleCheeks™ covers! Ship them back to us, at your cost, and for each cover received, we will create a credit for you of $5 per diaper that meets our criteria, redeemable at shopapplecheeks.com!

We will take your used covers, pack them up, and ship them to designated organizations who work with mothers and children in less fortunate situations, and who are in need of your used diapers. 

What does Good Condition Mean?

Good condition means that PUL(waterproofing lining) is intact, without holes. The diapers must be clean, and free from all scents (following our stripping instructions). Snaps must be replaceable if they are  not in working order. Elastics do not need to be tight.

How Do I Send Back My Diapers?

Getting your diapers to us is easy! Ship to our address, and include this form, printed out and filled in, so we can connect you with your diapers. When your diapers are received, we’ll create a coupon code for you for the number of covers we received from you. It will be use to yours, on the purchase of new diapers, inserts, swim diapers, storage sacs, and our upcoming Zero Waste products!

That’s it, that’s all! Couldn’t be easier.

Any questions? Get in touch!


Are there limits to how I can use my credit? 

Credits must be applied towards the purchase of new products from applecheeks.com, and cannot be applied towards shipping costs. We offer flat rate shipping on all orders, and free shipping on Canadian orders over $100.

What if my diapers don’t meet your criteria? 

Please don’t send them to us! But in the case that you do, we will bring them to our local Eco Centre for responsible repurposing. We will not send back any diapers that do not meet our criteria.

Is there a limit to how many diapers I can send back for credit?

No, but we would appreciate your honesty and ask that you only send back your diapers, and not your sister’s and your neighbour’s and all of PLACs. Let’s give each person a chance to do their part!

With which organizations will you be working?

We are looking for multiple organizations with whom we can work on this project, and are open to your suggestions and direction! In the meantime, One Diaper Canada has generously agreed to be the recipient of your used diapers. 

Please fill out this form and send it with your used diapers.